Dirt Roads II

Finally I had some free time that coincided with great weather and the desire to take photos. So of course I’m going to travel down some dirt roads. I’m always amazed at what new stuff I see when I simply just open my eyes. Sometimes it’s even a double rainbow.

So much beauty. Everywhere…




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  1. This is a great photoset – love the skies 🙂

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  2. The dynamic range in your photos are amazing. I like the last photo, it gives me a classic feeling of a western countryside.

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  3. That picture of the barn! ❤

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  4. would love to know what kind of camera, shutter stop info etc…your pictures are so beautiful.

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    • Hello Suze, first thank you for the complement. As for your questions, well, I shoot with a Canon 7D and a Canon 5D Mark II. As for the settings I used that would depend on the picture. When shooting (especially) landscape the factors are constantly changing minute by minute; the sun is constantly moving, as are the clouds, and some things I photograph are back lit and some are front or side lit. So my settings are constantly changing. I can however tell you generally I will use a high aperture (around 8.0+), and the shutter spend and ISO will change accordingly to that to create the exposure I want. I know that’s not a very defined answer but I hope that helps. Are you a photographer?

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      • I used to an amature photographer..adored my Leica and had a very nice Graflex. Dad was the graphlex expert and wrote the definitive book on graflex and their uses. Have a vision problem now and the photography I do anymore is with a digi camera. Can no longer “see’ the differences in depth and clarity. I have to admit though what I really miss is the smell of developer……my husband is pleased HE no longer has to smell it though. lol


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