Animal Kingdom

Early on I learned that photographing wildlife was a great way to practice. You have to be quick on your feet because the lighting, positioning and opportunity are always changing and in a blink of an eye you can easily miss “the shot” so you have to be ready.

I have always enjoyed going to zoos when possible. Even during work trips, if there was a zoo near by you bet I would figure out a way to go see it. When I lived in San Diego I was fortunate enough to work as a photographer for the San Diego Zoo. I would spend hours after work going around to the exhibits taking pictures. I also had rare opportunities that were not given to the public to photograph certain wildlife outside of their enclosures. It was definitely an exciting job… And boy could I tell you some interesting stories.

IMG_0695IMG_2729.jpgRon Howard_OrangIMG_6590IMG_6358



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  1. What a great opportunity to be able to see and photograph some very interesting creatures!

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  2. LOVE the photos! ❤ Hopefully I'll photograph them myself some day.

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