Finding Passion

Just because you are good enough to be paid for it, does not mean you should only do it when you are. A worthy idea, that can actually take a lot of work. When I first started taking pictures I was no good. Cameras did not do everything for you, Photoshop was the only real editor, there was no such thing as filters, and a 1 gig CF card was something only the professionals had. But I was a determined sponge, I had passion for photography. I invested every free moment into learning as much as I could. Every dollar was saved for equipment, every photography article was read, and I spent countless hours staring and admiring other peoples work.

I could not even begin to tell you how much free work I did the first few years. But eventually I worked myself to a point where I was offered money for my photography skills. Since then I continued to get better until I was so busy I had moved on from just allowing myself to shoot, to study, to learn. I got stuck in patterns and ways of doing things that now I am just blah about it and I feel as though I need to be inspired again.

And this is my mission this winter season; to find passion again. I thought I would start by doing simple photos from my everyday life and working out from there. In all honesty, it sounds really boring to me, but I am hoping that maybe in it I will discover a new desire or perhaps maybe even a new style. Either way, let the journey begin!



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