So Long, Farewell

15 years ago I moved to Iowa. It is amazing to see the changes that have taken place during that time. When I first arrived the small town I live in did not have anything open on Sundays and the only thing open passed 6pm was the local Caseys gas station. Since then, several restaurants have opened that stay open late, and even a brewery (which is fantastic btw). And while this is the small town I live in, the major changes have taken place in the larger city just north – Iowa City.


What was once just a simple, albeit kinda crazy, college town, is now in the process of trying to become a full on major city; something I have mixed feelings about. Once college got out in the spring, the city quieted down and the locals would come out to enjoy their favorite local dive bars. Iowa City was awesome. But over the past few years Iowa City has seen a major influx of college students staying and Chicago folk moving in.

_MG_0877With this influx, businesses and the college have honed in on the opportunities of expansion and I decided to go out and document some of it. It was a bit disheartening cause it felt as though I was saying goodbye to an old friend. The quiet, fun, small-town that I loved going to is changing, it’s growing. And while growth is good, it is also tough. My favorite little town is going and so I say “So long” my good friend, you will be missed by many of us.








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